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  • 上海信乔泵阀有限公司
  • Business:球阀,止回阀,闸阀,截止阀,旋塞阀,蝶阀,安全阀,液压控制阀,控制阀,离心泵,多级泵,潜水泵,污水泵,自吸泵,磁力驱动泵,化学工艺 泵,在线泵,油泵,消防泵,真空泵,螺杆泵,泥浆泵
  • (制造商)  [Not Verified]
  • Hebei Gee Pipe Mill Co., Ltd.
  • Business:Gee business union: creates local brand and clarifies good marketing resource of the field. O2O Internet plus: takes up the highest point of internet marketing and build up international business platform of the industrial products. Direct agency gro
  • (制造商)  [Not Verified]
[Hebei /沧州市]
  • Sino East Steel Enterprise Co. Ltd
  • Business:sale of steel pipes, including carbon, galvanized, square and welded steel pipes, as well as some other types.
  • [Not Verified]
[Hebei /石家庄市]
  • Bochi Corporation
  • Business:hydropower equipment, automobile spare parts, motorcycle spare parts and marine equipment.
  • (制造商)  [Not Verified]

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