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2017 China (shenyang) international exhibition of water supply and drainage pipe water treatment tec

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Date 2017-05-18 to 2017-05-20
City 沈阳市
Address Exhibition in sujiatun district road, in liaoning province
Hall Shenyang international exhibition center
Organizer Housing and construction department of liaoning province Shenyang municipal people's government
Sponsor Shenyang international exhibition center、Shanghai courageously culture communication co., LTD
Official Website
General Information
Government, healthy environmental protection industry development spring!
"Environmental pollution situation in China is not optimistic, it is very urgent to improve!".During the two sessions of the state council premier li keqiang, put forward the environmental problem has become the important problem of the people's livelihood, the Chinese government will increase the air pollution control.Five-year period, China will transfer the money 3.4 trillion RMB in the field of ecological environmental protection, improve people's survival and living space, have wide development space for industry.
based on liaoning, radiation northeast!
Liaoning province, is one of the largest regional central city in northeast China, liaoning provincial party committee, provincial government attaches great importance on the development of healthy environmental protection industry.Recently, environmental protection system in order to improve the environment quality in liaoning province as the core, promote the environmental protection industry development, promoting the construction of ecological province, the implementation of the comprehensive improvement of urban environment, creating environmental protection industry park and demonstration area, actively developing ecological tourism, construction of the beautiful countryside, do a good job in international cooperation and promoting environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, guide healthy and rapid development of the industry, as the industry usher in new opportunities.
The rapid growth of large market is big business!
The next few years, the indoor environment purification governance industry will be rapid growth, predicted to keep annual compound growth rate of 28%.Figures show that in 2014 and 2015 air purifier market presents the explosive growth, retail sales reached 2.4 million units and 3.6 million units, up 90.5% from a year earlier and 50.0% of retail sales reached 5.6 billion yuan and 9 billion yuan respectively, year-on-year growth of 105.9% and 60.7%;In 2015, air purifier market retail sales of 4.9 million units, up 40.0% from a year earlier, the retail sales reached 13 billion yuan, up 50.7%;At the same time, the authority to investigate, healthy drinking water industry in the 21st century China market capacity in 50 billion yuan of above.At present, purification, water purification equipment, many international famous companies seeing the huge potential of the Chinese market, with a huge sum of money and advanced technology, many enterprises to strengthen cooperation with China in developing healthy environmental protection industry market.
Strong strong support platform, millions of business opportunities is in our hands!
The exhibition and the 6th building expo held in shenyang, the previous building expo exhibition area of 65000 square meters, has 650 companies at home and abroad, the audience break through 58000 person-time.Exhibits range "prefabricated construction example room, precast concrete structure, steel structure and wood structure, modern building energy-saving, new building materials, new energy equipment, hvac and integrated housing, Windows and doors curtain wall, the whole decoration, green decoration materials, villa facilities, stair railing, outdoor furniture, lighting, modern construction equipment, real estate, modern building technology and service" and other fields, embodies the construction industry chain of cross-border integration and rich integration docking.In addition to the international enterprise, from 32 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 300 leading enterprises, 160 brand enterprise of liaoning province, more than 90 exhibitors local enterprises in shenyang, including shenyang yuanda, honored, zhongnan construction, WeiDe live, vanke group, shenyang mega media, in the steel structure, the north heavy industries and other well-known domestic enterprises.
To promote the development of China's water treatment industry, meet the huge demand for people to healthy living, create healthy ecological, jointly organized by authorities of the 2017 China (shenyang) international exhibition of water supply and drainage pipeline water treatment technology and equipment and pump valve is scheduled for May 18-20, 2017 held in international exhibition center in shenyang, will be on exhibition + activities in the form of the exhibition, establish the platform of supply and demand, let the exhibitors and buyers, distributors, wholesalers, increase exchanges and communication between customers and know more about the market demand.At the same time, the enterprise will be using the exhibition shows the latest product purification, water purification industry, further enhance the brand influence, set up in the industry image, expand sales channels, establish long-term market foundation for enterprise development.Want to believe, the exhibition will become healthy environmental protection industry exchange event, welcome people from all walks of life and related enterprises attending the visit!
"The organization"
Support unit: housing urban and rural development, liaoning province people's government support
Joint unit: China quality inspection association of professional committee of the water purification equipment, air purification equipment professional committee of China quality inspection association
China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry association of indoor environment pollution control union China's liaoning province environmental protection bureau
The ash haze joint prevention and control of industry water treatment industry association in shaanxi province, Shanxi Province hvac refrigeration industry association
Clean technology association shenzhen water purification industry association of henan province
Organizer: housing and construction department of shenyang, liaoning province people's government
Organizer: shenyang international exhibition center Shanghai courageously culture communication co., LTD
Perform to undertake: Shanghai courageously culture communication co., LTD
"The exhibition theme" purify the environment for unlimited health
Move-in time: on May 16-17, 2017, the exhibition time: on May 18-20, 2017 move-in time: on May 20, 2017 13:00
【 】 exhibition activities
1. China, Japan and South Korea economic and trade cooperation forum
2. Water treatment promotes new products and new technology
3. The theme "purify environment for unlimited health" field experience, awards events
4. The Confucian scholars water purification agent distribution of training.
The exhibition scope 
Sludge dehydration processing/material: blower, centrifuge, filter press, air compressor, dryer, sludge digestion, depth dehydration, sludge recycling, sludge treatment equipment, etc.;
Sewage/waste water treatment equipment: the grille/filter/water decanter, mixing equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, sand suction machine, mud scraper and suction dredge, oil-water separation equipment, air flotation equipment, electrolytic processing equipment, aeration equipment, water treatment equipment, aerobic, anaerobic treatment device, etc.;
Pump products: centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, flow pump, sewage pump, vortex pump, self-priming pump, multi-stage pump, corrosion-resistant pumps, pneumatic pump, pipeline pump, paper pulp pump, air-conditioning pumps, submersible pumps, swimming pool pump, submerged pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, arc pumps, high viscosity, impurities and other special pump pump products and related auxiliary equipment;
Valve products: gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, instrument valve, plunger valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, relief valve, safety valve, drain valve, regulating valve, drain valve, the it special use valve etc of form a complete set of valve products and related accessories.Valve production, manufacturing equipment;Testing, testing machinery;Installation tool maintenance equipment;Related products and accessories;
Fluid products: sanitary pump, valve, sanitary pipe fittings, plumbing valves, seals, all kinds of pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, accessories, connection, and various testing instruments, pipe cleaning equipment, pipe production technology and manufacturing equipment, etc.;
Membrane filtration equipment/accessory products: ion exchange, electrodialysis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane shell, membrane equipment, membrane module, filter/filter material, filters, packing, material, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange materials, etc.;
/ reagent/paper/adhesive water disposal reagents: paper, coagulant, test agent, dispersant, oxidation reduction agents, ion exchange agent, disinfectant, fungicide, adsorbent, dehydrating agent, softener, defoaming agent, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, etc
Shipment please and storage: centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, metering pump, sewage pump, gate valve, cut-off valve, throttle valve, instrument valve, pipe, pipe, pipe fittings, connectors, seals, filters, elbow, quick connectors, pipe system, pipe welding, silos, container, etc
Process control technology and process automation, automation systems, water meter, data records, test instrument, and management/control pattern, the metering device, computer simulation system, process control equipment, etc
Disinfection device class: disinfection cabinet series, central air conditioning sterilization equipment, fruit and vegetable disinfecting machine, sterilizer, microwave oven, disinfector, high pressure sterilization pot, live YangJi ultraviolet disinfection products, sterilization, disinfection sterilization lamp, ozone technology and products, etc.;
Services: water, water treatment unit of inkstone, consulting and design institutions, branches and certification/test service, education, etc
1, make full use of building expo promotion advantage, joint advertising the exhibition.
2, to set up the online exhibition platform, WeChat platform, printing 100000 tickets and posters, etc., by mail, to the relevant enterprises and institutions, upscale community, professional market, research institutes and related sales, agent unit and stores, etc.
3, the early stage of the show with the domestic industry associations, professional portal website, professional magazines and mass media cooperation, long-term persistent propaganda, plan 100.
4, make full use of the government media resources, in the subway video, subway, light boxes, mainstream media city main blocks, commercial mass media publicity and community extensive publicity.
5, 200 related media, news, the middle of the exhibition to do before the depth, greatly, attract the attention of many practitioners, sina, purification of 65 environment, China net, China financial and economic news, China's environmental protection equipment, hc360, water world, big fishnet, China's environmental protection network, direct drinking water, straight drinking water era, air purification, water world, to purify the information network, the Beijing news, Chinese environmental protection online, Chinese water treatment network, fresh air, the first environmental protection network, environmental protection and so on more than 60 114 newspapers, more than 30 magazines, more than 90 network media and more than 30 since the media published many news report on the exhibition.At the same time, will contact the national more than 200 industry media published, reproduced, links to related articles, project, various media weibo, WeChat and news client push many times related to the exhibition news, pay close attention to the exhibition.Continued to national festival exhibition information, strong domestic intensive publicity show dynamic, with 50 industry at home and abroad at the same time the media, network strategy cooperation, invite the industry to visit the visit.10000 important buyers of lock industry, directly send buyers invitation letter by post.Fully open to purify the market the vane of industry development.
"The window"
1. The authority and ZuZhan institutions hand in hand, create influence China, radiation Asia Pacific international exposition.
2. With the sixth China international building in shenyang expo held the same period.Powerful exhibition trading platform for exhibitors to provide unlimited business opportunities.
3. Display exhibition casts exchange, trade talks, project cooperation, focusing on supply and demand docking, specialized and one-stop platform for the industry of convention and exhibition.
4. Shenyang international exhibition center, the international professional level design, professional exhibition, professional team to provide you with professional and meticulous service.300 businessmen exhibitors, the exhibition is expected to 5000 professional audience purchase, 100000 public visit, wholeheartedly for the exhibitors, consumer fast path of constructing efficient communication, mutual benefit and win-win results.
5. Strengthening emergency, safety, hygiene, the exhibition operation, site management, business conference and board and lodging, leasing and transportation, and visit the real-time services, security, insurance, positive measures, such as the journal of exhibitors and visitors to provide a full range of quality services, good environment.
"Participation rules"
1. Fill in the application form by mail or fax it to organizing units;
2. The booth order allocation principles: "first apply, first pay, first arranged", double opening booth charge 10% fees;
3. Exhibitors will be within 3 days after the application for the booth fee 50% t/t or full to organizational units, the only can retain the booths, the cost after remittance, please fax the bank money order to organizational units, we will be in after receiving the exhibition fee invoice;
4. After receiving the application and the booth fee, organizational units to send exhibitor "exhibition manual" before the meeting;

Contact information
Contact Ping,Lee
Address: Shanghai pudong new area of embroider 581 sichuan road greenbelt international square on the east coast A seat
Zip Code: 215000
Tel: 021-80392635转806(上海)024-89566748(沈阳)
QQ: 3368039960
【 introduction 】
Along with the social economy development and the improvement of people's living standard, people growing demand for quality of life, and in recent years, fog and air pollution and water pollution, air purification, mask, become the hot topic of PM2.5 and water purification, air purification, water purification products and equipment in consumer demand more and more.Healthy environmental protection industry has become an emerging industry in the development of economic growth, market potential is tremendous!
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