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The 11th (golden eagle) pump valve in wenzhou exhibition (2016)

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Date 2016-10-27 to 2016-10-29
City 永嘉县
Address Yongjia county, wenzhou city, zhejiang province OuBei Town seat card center south three destination before the first sunshine avenue
Hall Yongjia oubei culture and sports square
Organizer Pump valve industry association of zhejiang province
Sponsor Yongjia county jinying advertising co., LTD
Official Website
General Information
 The exhibition overview:
The 11th exhibition (golden eagle) in wenzhou pump valve on 27 October 2016-29 in the famous Chinese pump valve manufacturing center - wenzhou always fine.
This - is an eagerly awaited, energetic event!
Change of the past is different, this year's show 'based in wenzhou, facing the whole country' exhibition purposes, put forward "science and technology of pump valve, the strength of wenzhou, the independent innovation, the charm of China 'theme, followed by China's economic development situation and the pace of the domestic enterprises to go out, on the basis of last year to further intensify investment, especially in overseas investment.
Broaden the exhibition space of thinking, to the revitalization of the Chinese pump valve industry, demand satisfaction as the service center to exhibitors, makes the exhibition can really pump valve pipe enterprise business platform of economic and trade negotiation.
To better achieve exhibitions, so far, the organizers have success with the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Austria, Singapore, Russia and the commonwealth of independent states (cis), Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai and wenzhou 15 countries and regions such as professional institutions to cooperate fully in charge of foreign affairs.
In order to further strengthen the billowing in international investment and, more directly to guide foreign merchants to come to wenzhou, we directly to the overseas partners, pump valve manufacturing enterprises, the use of units and enterprises abroad seller send invitation letter, email, keep telephone contact, and in more than 40 kinds of foreign professional media sites for a lot of publicity.
With the aid of exhibition platform, make the exhibitors obtain real benefits, which will not only in wenzhou, and even the Chinese pump valve products and enterprises around the world, more make the exhibition the most dynamic and influential international pump valve professional exhibitions, truly achieve the aim of the exhibition and purposes by the organizers of the unremitting efforts, now has from the United States, South Korea and other international well-known pump valve enterprise participation, and from Africa's first oil-rich Nigeria's oil and pump valve professional customers, sign up to are Japan, the Middle East, Russia, South Korea the world, such as pump valve unit using sign up for the exhibition.
As the extension of further approached, there will be more international merchants to participate in the exhibition, to create an international pump valve professional exhibitions laid a solid foundation.
At the same time, in order to further strengthen the no.1 brand of Chinese pump valve, expand the influence, strengthen propaganda in China.
In conclusion, the 11th exhibition (golden eagle) pump valve in wenzhou in 2016 geographical advantage, the booth size and professional level, the exhibition scale, the level of investment promotion, publicity, return customers are much more than the previous calendar year domestic related exhibitions, is worthy of being called a 'no.1 brand of Chinese pump valve, the valve is areas' carrier' exhibition, a professional event not to be missed!
Exhibition range:
Pump products:
Centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, flow pump, sewage pump, vortex pump, self-priming pump, multi-stage pump, corrosion-resistant pumps, pneumatic pump, pipeline pump, paper pulp pump, air-conditioning pumps, submersible pumps, swimming pool pump, submerged pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, arc pumps, high viscosity, impurities and other special pump pump products and related auxiliary equipment.
Valve products:
Gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, instrument valve, plunger valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, relief valve, safety valve, drain valve, regulating valve, drain valve and other special use valve etc. Valve products and related accessories.
Valve production, manufacturing equipment;
Testing, testing machinery;
Installation tool maintenance equipment;
Related products and accessories.
Pipe products:
All kinds of pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, related accessories, seals, connection technology and manufacturing equipment, etc.
Exhibition promotion:
Organizer in the business of automobil pump valve, the valve resources, China chemical industry news, general machinery, yongtai inheritance advertising · water industry equipment, china-arab business magazine, "China valve business", "oil and equipment", "pump valve information", "the business of valve", "international pump valve" major pump valve related magazines such as invested a lot of publicity, network resources and network in the pump valve, pump valve, pump valve, China valve network, China mechanical pump valve business yellow pages, yellow pages, China building materials such as site and baidu, Google and other search engine promotion, significantly large publicity exhibition space, also can be in "wenzhou metropolis daily", "wenzhou commercial daily", "wenzhou evening news, radio stations in wenzhou, wenzhou television and other media to make a lot of publicity.
The exhibition schedule:
2016/10/25-26 at 8:30-17:30pm exhibitors registration/installation
2016/10/27 9:00 the opening ceremony
2016/10/27 9:30-16:00 visiting time
2016/10/28 9:00-16:00 visiting time
2016/10/29 9:00 - time 14:00 visit comes to start move-in

Contact information
Contact Qianqian,xie
Address: Yongjia county, wenzhou city, zhejiang province, east ou street pu 2 1 3 building trade center
Zip Code: 320046
QQ: 362697940
The exhibition is introduced:
PVPEW2016 11th wenzhou (golden eagle) pump valve exhibition will be on October 27, 2016 grand opening in always fine ou north cultural square, PVPEW is class valves, pumps, fluid and related production, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance of mechanical equipment of professional event.
PVPEW has been hard to build a famous brand exhibition.
Fair successfully held since 2004, rising in influence, scale expands unceasingly, also has become one of the most important event in the industry.
Always fine ou north pump valve industry was born in the late 1960 s, after 40 years of development, our county has become the first pillar industry, is currently the largest production base, the largest concentration of pump valve products.
1187 the county has a pump valve and the related enterprises, the annual output value 500 million yuan of above 2 enterprises, 100 million yuan of above 24 enterprises, involving more than 3000 varieties, more than 40000 specifications products, and have exported to Russia, the European Union, the United States, more than 150 countries and regions.
Always fine 1 - December, 2014 gross industrial output value of 25.5 billion yuan, the county pump valve which rules on the pump valve products generate $108 to $10.71 billion, up 1.4% from a year earlier.
Pump valve exported $24500, two-thirds of the total output value of the pump valve in the city, the market share of about 25% of the pump valve.
By the end of 2014, the industry has a high and new technology enterprise always fine pump valve 32, 65% of the county high-tech enterprises;
1 won the provincial science and technology innovative enterprises;
The municipal science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises 10;
To declare the patent of more than 2000 pieces of 114 invention patents.
With independent production and sales of pump valve and the total number of related enterprises, 1963, 1435 of individual enterprises, the group of 41, 2277, registered trademark of international trademark 98, provincial brand base 1, provincial famous trademark 16, 14 city well-known trademark, county name brand trademark, 26 court found nine, a well-known trademark in 2012, a total of nine declare provincial famous trademark, five of the pump valve, here also became the pump valve procurement base at the same time, has brought together fujian pump valve fixed purchaser of more than 3000 people, that always fine pump valve to all parts of the country.
In the aspect of regional brand construction, the association in the county government and quality supervision, industry and commerce, trade and economic departments, under the support of actively organize material declaration and the creation of the regional brand project, at present has made "the countryside of Chinese pump valve", "pump valve products brand in zhejiang province base", "national torch plan pump valve characteristic industry base", "area of zhejiang province famous brand" and so on various honors.
If you plan to attend our PVPEW exhibition, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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