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2016 the fourth China (Shanghai) international exhibition of seal products

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Date 2016-12-01 to 2016-12-03
City Jiangsu
Address Shanghai pudong longyang road no. 2345
Hall Shanghai new international expo center
Organizer General machinery parts and components industry association of China, Shanghai general machinery par
Sponsor Shanghai hong phlogistic exhibition service co., LTD
General Information
  Do market background:
2016 the fourth China (Shanghai) international exhibition of seal products by the Shanghai hon exhibition service co., LTD., China general machinery parts and components industry association of industry event, from December 1, 2016-3, was held in Shanghai new international expo center.Will be attracted from the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea and so on more than 10 countries and regions, more than 500 enterprises.Through the exhibition, invite the national, provincial, city and the relevant scientific research units, aerospace, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, electric power, shipbuilding, armaments factories, metallurgical, reshipment, food machinery, textile, machine, sewing, railway, elevator, instrument, communication equipment, communication, electrical, industrial applications, medical equipment and other industries, company executives who use and research and development of "seal products" application technology research, international exchanges, promote the competitiveness of the industry as a whole, to promote and improve the level of application and manufacture of sealing products.
Since 2013 has been successfully held in Shanghai for three consecutive terms, held in Shanghai international exhibition of international evaporation crystallization equipment and technology, industry and enterprise's consistent affirmation and positive comments, and have high visibility and industry influence, also has certain international recognition of sealing industry one of the professional exhibition activities.Finally, via a third place in the three days of exhibition, from 16 countries and regions from a total of more than 8200 people visited the SHEC2015 exhibition.
In pieces exhibition publicity and promotion activities
Has extensive media: through professional magazine, newspaper, Internet and new media release exhibition advertising and information in a timely manner.
Derive the exhibition publicity, to participate in the relevant exhibitions all over the country, widely distributed data, attract potential customers, expand the exhibition publicity.
Derive the organizer invited: platform uniquely by the organizer invited industry associations and groups, scientific research units and institutions such as the professional exhibition organization.
Has sent the spectator: through various channels to issue hundreds of tickets/exhibition invitation.
Exhibition range:
Bring about products and materials, mechanical seals, rubber seals, industrial seals, packing seal, mechanical seal, spring machinery
Seals, metal seal, flexible graphite seal, dry gas seal, valve seal, oil seal, automobile seal, bearing seal
Parts, spring shaft seal, O ring, ceramic valve core, sealing gaskets, gasket, metal winding gasket, silicone seal,
Sealant, ptfe packing, ptfe, nylon four fluorine rubber seal, alumina ceramic seal ring, combination
Sealed, sealing machine, fiber packing, high strength gaskets, carbon fiber pan-gen, graphite packing, high-strength graphite cushion, spinning black silk ribbon packing,
Graphite coil, carbon fiber, filler, fluorine rubber, the imported seal sealing gasket, asbestos gasket, glass fiber, felt
Sealing, asbestos sealing material, sealant, graphite, rubber, nitrile, fluorine rubber, silicone, polyurethane, oil resistant rubber, polyvinyl chloride
Ethylene and other sealing materials, etc.;
Bring about testing and processing equipment, molding machine, surrounding the assembly line, testing equipment, products, etc.
In pieces exhibition schedule
Report: the exhibition on November 29, 2016-30, the opening ceremony: 09:00 on December 1, 2016-09:30
Formal exhibition: on December 1, 2016-3, move-in: at 15:00 on December 3, 2016
In pieces with payment (note: double opening booth 10% additional charge)
Enterprise nature
Domestic companies
Foreign enterprises
The joint venture
Luxury standard exhibition
Standard booth (3 m x 3 m)
14800 yuan
US $3600
17800 yuan
19800 yuan
Light (36 ㎡ rent)
1400 yuan / ㎡
US $360
1700 yuan / ㎡
1900 yuan / ㎡
His standard booths configuration (3 m x 3 m = 9 ㎡)
1) venue rental, lighting, security charge, cleaning and other fees.
(2) the standard booth fascia board with Chinese and English, 9 ㎡ carpet, long table 1, 2 the folding chair, shoot the light 1, 2, 220 v power socket only basket one.
A light booth: provide exhibition space, don't pack any exhibition, exhibition, excluding special decoration management fee, power fee.
(3) free published exhibitors in the exhibition catalogue and its exhibits text introduction.
His or other advertising and fees (note: if you want to outdoor advertising, please contact organizer)
1 product launch a 12000 yuan (for 45 minutes each time)
2 the spectator advertising: (30000) 10000 yuan per 10000, exclusive is 25000 yuan.
3 data bag advertising: (10000) 12500 yuan per 5000, exclusive is 20000 yuan.
4. The arch and the balloon advertisement: the arch 8800 yuan/roll, the balloon 6000 yuan/roll over.
Conference proceedings the issue number 25000, provide professional buyers and important buyers, within the database host catalogue advertising will ensure that your company get more widely publicised in the assembly after the meeting.
Color cover 22000 yuan
Color back 16000 yuan
Color inside front cover of 12000 yuan
Color inside back cover of 10000 yuan
Across the colorpage 15000 yuan
Color inside pages, 8000 yuan
Black and white sheet of 3000 yuan
Text introduction of 1500 yuan
Exhibition services:
Has provide the exhibitors manual, detailed in this paper, the solutions for the exhibition.
His free publishing company introduction in the exhibition catalogue and main exhibits.
His exhibition invitation CARDS, tickets, exhibition information provided.
Cardiac assist the exhibitors to deal with the booth design, installation, rent additional furniture, electric equipment, hire temporary staff, translation, etiquette, etc.
Cardiac assist the exhibitors accommodation, advertisement and so on various issues.
Derive all need water, power and compressed air for demonstration unit, shall submit their applications one month before.
Participation procedures:
1. The enterprise determine after the exhibition, to the organizational unit for the application form (contract) and fill in build official seal by fax or mail it to organizational units;
2. The two sides signed a participation contract, exhibitors within 5 working days to pay the booth 50% deposit or full;Such as failure to pay the deposit or the balance, the organizer will not reserve the booth location identified.
3. The exhibitors to the ballanced amount before October 20, 2016, otherwise the organiser has the right to change or cancel the booth prescribed;
4. Organizational units after the receipt of all the booth fee, mail or express delivery within one month before the exhibition "exhibitor manual to the exhibitors.Guide to complete each for exhibitors exhibition work.
5. The organiser reserves according to the requirements of the assembly as a whole, the rights of final adjustment of the booth location.

Contact information
Contact WangChao
Address: Shanghai youyi road 1588 industrial park no. 3 floor, room 1305
Zip Code: 320046
QQ: 362697940
Credit units: rm fluid transmission, Germany mechanical equipment manufacturing industrial board of trade association, Shanghai machinery equipment manufacturing industry association, Japan fluid machinery association
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