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Beijing-tianjin-hebei fire equipment technology and products expo 2016

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Date 2016-11-09 to 2016-11-11
City Shijiazhuang
Address Shijiazhuang zhongshan east road no. 211
Hall Shijiazhuang people's hall conference and exhibition center
Organizer Execution units to undertake: CLP jianke (Beijing) international exhibition co., LTD
General Information
 【 introduction 】 the development of the cause of the fire control safety, is an important part of national economy and social development, is a measure of a country and one of the symbols of modern civilization city. The central government attaches great importance to maintain social safety and fire fighting, fire supervision system gradually improve, the improvement of national fire control safety consciousness for the fire protection industry development to provide subjective motivation.
"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period is an important period of the Beijing and tianjin wings to promote the integration of, major strategic to the nation.
Construction and development, safety first, according to "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in fire in hebei province development planning", will fire stations in each district and county levels in control detailed planning, ensure public fire prevention infrastructure construction and the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei.
Including port, highway, railway, airport and other transportation facilities construction, this will be the important growth pole of economic development in north China!
Exhibition form and supporting activities 】

【 the exhibition will be geared to the needs of the national investment, according to the national "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning outline to the macro guidance of fire industry, combining with" the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei "construction key period, and with the national 26th" 119 fire protection week "as an opportunity to the organizer in the exhibition site to carry out the theme of" guard coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, building fire safety environment "activities, and set up the large-scale public welfare propaganda demonstration zone, with panel illustrations, product display, such as a variety of forms, to promote and promote the development of fire control technology.
For the majority of fire fighting industry to build an international technical exchange platform.
Professional audience 】

【 quality rather than quantity we always asked the audience, they are by: fire installation engineering company, construction engineering, electric power company, fire department/stand, petrochemical industry, real estate developers, gas company, airport construction, design institute, and other different industries.
[AD] coalition of People's Daily. Digital version, hebei daily, the yanzhao metropolis daily, tianjin daily digital version and hebei TV, shijiazhuang three mainstream media such as TV, real-time reports to the exhibition, continuously expand the exhibition influence and propagation force
Exhibits range 】

【 s fire detection alarm system, controller, leakage fire alarm, fire alarm monitoring network system of city
S fire engines, robots, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and firefighters personal equipment
S automatic fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers, lighting, fire smoke extraction equipment
S power supply and the flame retardant coating fireproof doors and Windows, coatings, materials and other products
Standard booth fee standards 】
【 (3 mx3m) RMB 9800 yuan / 9 ㎡; Clearance (㎡ of the 36) RMB 850 yuan / ㎡Three side or two sides booth allocation 】

【 coaming, lintel board, one desk and two chairs, 220 v / 220 w power supply, two shoots the light
- prepare note: does not contain any facilities and exhibition, the exhibitors designed structures
(catalogue advertising 】

【 catalogue specifications for 130 mm x 210 mm) cover plates (4800 yuan 20000 yuan back 20000 yuan
Rainbow doors outdoor advertisement 】

【 15 m span (banners) 6800 yuan /Visitors in other advertising 】
【 certificate (specification 9.5 cmX13cm) on the back of the exclusive advertising costs RMB 20000 (with the exhibitors certificates)
Bag 8000 yuan (1000);
Outdoor print 600 yuan () per square metre per roll
Two years in north China the fire elite gathered in the conference, missed a wait for two years!
"Exhibition schedule"
Building decoration: on November 8, 2016
Exhibition trade: on November 9, 2016-11 (three days)
Move-in date: November 11, 2016 (14:00 PM)
The people's hall of exhibition place: shijiazhuang (changan district zhongshan east road no. 211)
Procedures: please fill out the exhibition contract build official seal to send or send electronic version to the organizing committee, and shall remit payment within seven days specified
Account, and will be the payment bottom single sent to the organizing committee, to confirm the exhibition.
Booth arrangement: according to "first registration, cashier, arrange first" principle, the organizing committee reserves the rights of a small booth to mobilize in the end.
Meeting arrangement: the organizing committee will be in 30 days before the "exhibitor manual" send or fax to exhibitors.

Contact information
Contact Zhangjie
Address: Zhengzhou zhengdong new district CBD business within the loop international conference and exhibition center
Zip Code: 320046
QQ: 362697940
The exhibition period: two years a session of the first exhibition scale: + 5000 - square - meter Exhibitors: more than 200
Activity: same noil beijing-tianjin-hebei modern building fire control electrical and technology exhibition (2016 s 2016 beijing-tianjin-hebei region (north China) fire engineering business, meeting s "119 national fire day publicity week" s 2016 fire extinguishing big drill fire industry new product, new technology promotion
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