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In 2016 China international exhibition on technology and equipment of oil and gas

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Date 2016-10-29 to 2016-11-01
City Chengdu
Address Century city chengdu city, sichuan province road 198
Hall Chengdu century city new international exhibition center
Organizer China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association
Sponsor China petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry association, China international oil and gas te
General Information
 【 introduction 】 exhibition
In 2015 the first China international oil and gas technology and equipment exhibition (COG) as the Midwest TTF attending of oil and gas of a certain scale, international expo center in chongqing has achieved a great success.
Which locate in the Midwest, radiation all over the world, aimed at Chinese brand professional equipment exhibition in the Midwest.
At the invitation of BoLanJu in sichuan province in 2016, "China international oil and gas technology and equipment exhibition" will be charged to the 16th in the western China international fair (hereinafter referred to as the "west lake expo"), namely the COG with west lake expo exhibition of oil and gas in the form of "exhibition stage" held at the same place and the same period, with the aid of the powerful influence of west lake expo, exhibitors will meet more professional audience of oil and gas, is also the enterprise fully demonstrate the best platform of the expand influence.
Oil and gas industry is one of the seven leading industries in sichuan province, as one of the west lake expo highlights of this year, the oil and gas shows with its professional full attention by west lake expo organizing committee, international exhibition space arrangement in hall 4, close to the guest the German pavilion.
Introduction 】 【 southwest oil and gas market
Southwest countries implement the western development strategy, become the growth point, each developing rapidly, energy demand is very big, according to the statistics, per GDP growth by 1%, energy consumption will increase 0.8 to 1%.
In 4 years, sichuan GDP doubled, rapid growth of energy demand, in natural gas supply and demand gap of billions of cubic meters.
, chongqing, yunnan, guizhou, guangxi and the southwest region is also the natural gas consumption growth peak.
As China's natural gas exploration and development and large-scale use of "fathers", in the field of unconventional oil and gas development in sichuan is a step ahead of his time.
With the recent each provinces (municipalities) shale gas transmission pipeline fully completed, the next each provinces (municipalities) shale gas business will become more broad development prospects.
"During the same period activity"
1, "2016 China's petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment assembly".
2, "China's clean-energy technology peak BBS".
3, the oilfield environmental safety technical BBS.
4, special Canadian oil trade negotiation.
5, LNG special technical cooperation talks.
Exhibits range 】 【
1, Marine engineering equipment.
2, intelligent manufacturing.
3, oil and gas exploration and development of mud logging, well logging and well completion, perforation, cementing, fracturing well test.
4, oil gas recovery and gathering equipment and tools, drilling, oil and gas field services and construction engineering equipment, oil and gas drilling oil and gas guide lose/processing/storage technology and equipment.
5, clean energy technology and equipment, environmental protection technology.
6, natural gas and pipeline equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, pipes, valves, liquefied complete sets of equipment.
7, DCS/PLC and fieldbus control system.
8, machinery equipment, oil field special vehicles, industrial explosion-proof products, electrical and electrical equipment, automation, instruments and meters, maintenance, fluid machinery, equipment, industrial cleaning and corrosion, communications equipment, geological chemical service.
9, fire alarm, laboratory equipment, environmental protection, energy saving and safety, industrial safety and labor insurance supplies, etc.
"Participation way, advertising and fees"
1 the standard booth:
Domestic exhibition area: RMB 10000 / standard booth (9 m squared/a) international exhibition area: $1650 / standard booths
2, a light booth: international exhibition areas: domestic exhibition area: $140 per square meter 140 yuan/square meters (36 m squared up the rent)
3, journal of advertising: inside front cover, back cover, RMB 10000 yuan RMB 8000 inside back cover color inside pages is RMB 5000 yuan
4, on-site technical lecture: 5000 RMB/hour

Contact information
Contact Jiangjun
Address: The 20:30 liu jianhua calls 26 south street, xicheng district of Beijing
Zip Code: 320046
QQ: 1173293718
Sichuan expo bureau, the UK support unit 】 【 Dmg group
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