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The 2016 Shanghai international food, pharmaceutical, chemical energy conservation, environmental pr

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Date 2016-09-07 to 2016-09-09
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai cao bao road 66
Hall Shanghai everbright convention &exhibition center
Organizer China fermentation industry association
Sponsor Letter Shanghai world exhibition service co., LTD
General Information
 The conference is introduced:
Energy conservation and environmental protection new technology and new equipment exhibition in Asia's first focus on food, medicine, chemical three areas (low carbon industry, intensive service industry, the main energy conservation and emissions reduction, renewable energy and new energy utilization scale) of large comprehensive exhibition;
Show the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, beverage, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other fields of energy saving and emission reduction of new technology, new products, new results, enhance the level of industrial development and promote the upgrading of industrial structure, building China's energy saving industry development the authority of the exchange and cooperation platform.
For energy conservation and environmental protection industry and related industries set up a technology exchange, promote cooperation, expand trade, improve the brand and upstream and downstream enterprise publicity platform.
To make full use of this platform, the downstream enterprises and the public display new products, new technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection industry to win market recognition and economic benefit.
The top political and academic circles at home and abroad are sincerely invited famous, merchant elite gathered in Shanghai, attending exhibition, communication, solve problems, and seek common development.
Source of professional audiences
Organizer with years of rich experience in exhibition will develop a strong organization propaganda work, will invite food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, daily chemical, paper, leather, washing, textile, paint chemical and other industries producing enterprises representative, engineering and technical personnel and trade organizations, research institutes and universities, scientific research institutions at home and abroad related experts and scholars to participate in the exhibition.
Covers show before the exhibition after testing, provide global brand marketing
More than 20 mass media platform
More than 200 food, pharmacy, chemical industry media platform
More than 100 users industry media platform
More than 20 users association cooperation organization authority
20 countries and regions in the world, through comprehensive promotion, honour enjoy brand exhibition of influence!
Industry field of differentiation, industrialization
Enrichment equipment heat exchange equipment of all kinds of evaporator
All kinds of mold drying equipment membrane and membrane module
New type of pipe, valves, all kinds of blower sewage treatment technology and equipment
Environmental control and testing equipment and efficient industrial boiler industry energy-saving energy-saving technologies and equipment
All kinds of compressed air system, equipment, air pollution control equipment energy conservation and environmental protection new product new technology
Information and industrial energy saving technology and equipment
Demonstration projects of major projects, demonstration enterprises, ecological/type ii park, two enterprises
Charge standard:
1. 9 m2 standard booth (3 m x 3 m) configuration: exhibition venue, three exhibition boards (2.5 m high), lintel board, one desk, two chairs, nine square carpet, 220 v power socket a, two spotlights;
2. The light (36 m2 of the) configuration, exhibiting ground, security services, without any facilities, other two fees set up fee, such as light to the management fee shall be borne by the enterprises themselves;
The exhibition project
Specifications and requirements
Domestic companies
The foreign capital enterprise
The standard booth
3 m ╳ 3 m
RMB 10800 / a
$3800 / a
The Angle of the booth
3 m ╳ 3 m
RMB 11800 / a
$4000 / a
Indoor space
36 m squared up the order
1100 yuan/m squared
$380 / m squared
Exhibition catalogue advertisement:
Cardiac sealing surface is RMB 20000 yuan RMB 25000 to cardiac sealing bottom filled seal has hired two RMB 18000 yuan RMB 18000 yuan
Cardiac sealing three RMB 15000 yuan RMB 6000 pages related to the cardiac color has black and white pages RMB 1000 yuan RMB 3000 left company profile
3, journal of advertising:
Will help you to find customers after the exhibition.
Besides widely sent during the conference, through various channels to send related not to visit the exhibition professionals around the country, they can use catalogue quickly find contact method and the service content.
Catalogue prices for:
Cardiac sealing surface is RMB 20000 yuan RMB 25000 to cardiac sealing bottom filled seal has hired two RMB 18000 yuan RMB 18000 yuan
Cardiac sealing three RMB 15000 yuan RMB 6000 pages related to the cardiac color has black and white pages RMB 1000 yuan RMB 3000 left company profile

Contact information
Contact Wangcheng
Zip Code: 320046
QQ: 2479672464
Support unit: China food industry association of China's food and drug industry association
China chemical equipment association of Shanghai chemical industry association
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