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Ceramic valve relative advantage and performance

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Note: Ceramic valve relative advantage and performance
 As time goes on metal valves in the chemical industry, coal and other harsh environment has not adapt to the strong corrosion, high wear and tear.So the people will gradually ceramic materials used in industrial valve is a challenging innovation.
Manual ceramic ball valve
Ceramic valve with high wear resistance, strong resistance to corrosion, it adopts the structure of high performance ceramics.Compared with other valve life to 1 to 2 years, there will be no metal leakage, torque, sealing surface is not resistant to corrosion, and so on and so forth.Mechanical properties meet the national standard requirements, and to a certain height, the valve structure of shell is introduced.Chemical element to fulfill the requirements of the provisions of the state standard, manual fine, the surface conditioning treatment by corrosion or nitride, guaranteed the valve stem has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.Good sealing, even if there are impurities is not easy to cause damage.Its simple structure is convenient for installation, smooth flow, meet is not easy to appear larger media jam for processing to contact staff.
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