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The 8th zhengzhou international fire control exhibition organizing committee to the national people&

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2017-01-21  Source:Henan wei bo exhibition servic  Browse number:968
Note: At the beginning of spring, vientiane update.Zhengzhou international fire control exhibition organizing committee on the occasion of the arrival of the New Year
 At the beginning of spring, vientiane update.Zhengzhou international fire control exhibition organizing committee on the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, in this deeply thank you for the exhibitors for fire CZFE zhengzhou exhibition support and love!Best wishes and greetings to all the exhibitors!I wish you all: treasures will be plentiful, wealth and good fortune, with good fortune, family reunion, happy life!In the New Year, zhengzhou international fire control exhibition organizing committee will be more efforts to provide more high-quality and comprehensive service to you!
On May 12, 2017 in zhengzhou zhengzhou zhongyuan international expo centre at the eighth international fire control exhibition, at present from the point of application of the enterprise, and old customers to lead reached more than 65%, and in the booth area is most of the previous exponentially, this is rare in the exhibition industry type!Zhengzhou international fire control exhibition held successfully, and to promote the henan in central fire industry upstream and downstream cooperation development made due contributions!
2017 8th zhengzhou international fire control exhibition will be worth waiting for a year, more than ever because:
1, the [public policy]
After the planning of the state council according to the construction of zhengzhou as the center of the central plains urban agglomeration, and issued by the national development and reform commission (NDRC) "to promote the rise of the central region" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning ", specifically, supporting the construction of zhengzhou national center city, henan province in the national status further consolidated ascension!
2, "market demand"
"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period is the key to the construction of zhengzhou national center city, to ensure that public fire the coordinated development of the construction of infrastructure, including: urban village transformation, the outsourcing market, urban infrastructure, subway, bridge.Airport construction, water conservancy, electric power facilities construction, the demand for fire fighting equipment, fire equipment products will be growing!
3, "innovation exhibition mode"
"Zhengzhou international fire control exhibition" (CZFE2017) will open during the exhibition business docking activities "" big project demand, we will open an unprecedented specialization" docking ".For orders or signing intention cooperation during professional viewers to visit, can enjoy zhengzhou fire exhibition organizing committee to provide hotel accommodation, catering, transportation during the exhibition.
4, the more accurate the audience organization 】
In the province: 18 cities in henan province, more than 100 county, by the invitation and visit them one by one.
Outside the province: the customer service of the organizing committee will be in anhui, hubei, shandong, hebei, shanxi, shandong organization to expand the scope of professional audiences, rolled the visiting to the prefecture level distribution agents, fire engineering installation company, fire fighting team/group and other related industries and department heads.
5, the association of combining the 】
Zhengzhou fire exhibition coincided with the 2017 (5.12 national the ninth day of disaster prevention and mitigation) during, will by the department of henan province, henan team, emergency management office as guidance unit in henan province, henan province held emergency rescue association "fire safety and disaster prevention and mitigation exercise", the fire fighting equipment and emergency products exhibition and demonstration, promotion and application in practice, make the fair atmosphere to a climax!
I bowed out and colorful Spring Festival.In this jubilant warm and joyful festival atmosphere, our best wishes to the nation, the laborers to work during the festival in all walks of life the most sincere greetings and warmest New Year wishes!
The eighth China (zhengzhou) the organizing committee of the international fire equipment technology
The office
The 2017-01-18 day
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