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"Taihe petrochemical industrial cryogenic valve technology center, the cryogenic high pressure

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Note: Founded in 2007, and petrochemical, hubei is located in zigui county in yichang, central China's hubei province, is a mainly engaged in ultra-low temperature, high pressure, large diameter valve, hard seal technology products of high-tech enterprises
 Founded in 2007, and petrochemical, hubei is located in zigui county in yichang, central China's hubei province, is a mainly engaged in ultra-low temperature, high pressure, large diameter valve, hard seal technology products of high-tech enterprises, the company has 16 independent intellectual property rights, independent research and development of cryogenic fluid control engineering technology, and mastered the core technology of high-end equipment manufacturing, and its technical level and comprehensive strength directly to shorten the Chinese in this area 50-80 technology gap with developed countries.In recent five years, the company production of cryogenic valves has been successfully used in domestic LNG project 68, performance outstanding, unanimously praised by the industry, exported to Europe and the United States such as Germany equipment manufacturing powerhouse.
In the middle of July, 2016, hubei and petrochemical bidding with multinational and after several rounds of contest, final signing of zhoushan liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and filling project orders, provides the high technology of LNG cryogenic minus 196 degrees high pressure valve."While only the standard of ten million yuan, but China's industrial cryogenic high pressure valve for the first time to break the foreign monopoly, to realize the localization of this kind of valve is zero breakthrough", says zhang yi, general manager of the project company in China, the zhoushan this order, for imported products, the price should be at least 3 to 4 times more.
Zhang yi, said the Chinese market at low temperature, 256 degrees below zero to 540 degrees high temperature and pressure of 540 pounds to 2500 pounds range of valve products, widely used in national economy and people's livelihood of shale gas development, Marine oil and gas platform, as well as nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, metallurgical, liquefied natural gas (LNG), large ethylene, chemical, aerospace, new materials, biotechnology, fine chemical and other industries, the market space of hundreds of billions of yuan.But this kind of product, especially the high technology of LNG cryogenic high pressure valves, has been monopoly by foreign technology and products.
See foreign technology monopoly, wild speculations, who has ever been working in the British valve company for seven years, and as the far east area of hubei province taihe oil founder copy from internate have not loyal.How to find independent research and development through technological innovation, high technology products to replace imported products in China, a dream of his heart.To that end, he in the sales of this kind of product abroad at the same time, actively organize their own team, independent research and development of Chinese high technology products to replace imports.
ZhangWenZhong said, in the harsh working environment, cryogenic valves after numerous selection of high-tech products to design the experiment test, to ensure the safety of working condition of LNG, reliability, it can take a lot of money and time, but also to face the scientific research, enterprise losses of the risk of failure, failure after all developed countries advanced technology for decades in China.In research and development team, zigui government and domestic colleges and universities such as joint efforts of enterprise smooth completion technology at home and abroad certification, produce design and technical performance have reached international advanced level of similar products.Nowadays, enterprise products 90% exported to Germany and other European countries, orders valued at RMB 800 million in 2017.
This after more than domestic experts, China's petroleum and petrochemical research institute will be the only technology center in hubei and petrochemical industrial cryogenic valves.Ding Wu, deputy secretary-general of China petroleum and petrochemical research institute, said in the past China cryogenic valve market has been monopolized by imported products, technology product localization is imperative, hope hubei taihe petrochemical gave nameboards as starting point, continue to adhere to the technology development of advanced valve, as China's localization of cryogenic valve industry leading enterprises, leading China valves technology industry to another new height.
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