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Beijing high pressure valve a 2016 year-end summary meeting

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2017-01-21  Source:Beijing high pressure valve  Browse number:1342
Note: On December 30, 2016, Beijing high pressure valve co., LTD., held a year-end summary meeting in 2016, the conference aims to learn from the past, analyze the present, looking to the future,
 Through the general assembly, staff has been clear about the goal, to achieve the communication between the company and the employee.Company leaders at the meeting in the first place in the past year work summary report, affirmation of the results of each department, approved by all the colleagues in the process of the effort and sweat.Subsequently, difficulties and problems in the meeting for a year and its solutions are analyzed, summing up experience, so that the later work to be used for reference in similar problems and difficulties.In the end, the company main leadership has been clear about the direction of next year's work, work for next year's request, to give, and to encourage all staff work together to create more benefits for the company.In 2017, believed that under the leadership of the company's strong, all staff will be full of passion, just like dragons rising, tried, to create new glory for company prosperous time situation!
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