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China technical director Hu Qi insert a line to high valve technical exchanges

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Note: On January 5, 2017, the DS Solid Works in China technical director Hu Qi insert a line to high pressure valve co., LTD., lanzhou city, carries on the research and development of 3 d digital design communication with the related technologies of the platfor
 DS Solid Works Hu Qi chief technology officer at China's first "industrial 4.0" and "made in China 2025" these two concepts, this paper introduces the international and domestic manufacturing enterprise's environment and condition, and then explores the "made in China in 2025 with two integration", through the fusion state leads to research and development of 3 d digital design and management platform, dassault systems was introduced in detail its new products, and finally details the 3-d extension of the application of successful cases in the valve industry.After the technical exchanges, the company leadership for product design and development problems and hu director in a heated discussion, the panel will make a detailed interpretation of the software management implementation.
The technical exchanges for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises has important significance.Under the Internet + the new normal, 3 d simulation platform show the bid for the company, customer communication, with minimal parts variety to achieve the most diverse product variety, from intelligent product design, factory built intelligence, intelligent manufacture, make company accelerate the construction of two chemical company goal is to promote role!
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