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BaoYi valve group were identified as the famous trademark of zhejiang province, the new ou north to

Enlarged font  Narrow font Release date:2017-01-22  Source:YongJia Country Oubei  Browse number:1073
Note: BaoYi valve group were identified as the famous trademark of zhejiang province, the new ou north to 40 provincial famous trademark
 Ou north although is the province strong brand area, with the registered trademark, well-known trademarks, well-known trademarks, well-known trademark number, base for famous brand product, brand, regional brand, the most among the top in the province and the state.But some enterprises "brand" on the word still seems very strange, brand concept, brand consciousness is weak, enterprise and lack of initiative.
In recent years, to better provide quality services for enterprise brand creation, creating new and unique publicity platform, innovation, brand publicity channels, ou north brand ZhiDaoZhan through field visits and other forms, also enhance the small micro enterprise brand enthusiasm, dig small micro enterprise brand with good quality and guide the small micro enterprise by "no brand" to "brand", "a" to "create brand" upgrade, to meet the requirements for the number of qualification, in a timely manner to guide to declare that, key support and guide industry of seven small micro enterprise application for trademark registration, to declare provincial famous trademarks and city famous brand of small micro enterprises as a top priority, to give appropriate policy tilt.
Ou north brand ZhiDaoZhan through multi-channel administrative guidance and tracking service, give play to the role of the government "the visible hand", become the enterprise creates the brand "server".In addition, our county vigorously implement the strategy of brand, and constantly strengthen the trademark registration, foster, use and protection work of propaganda, guidance, help enterprise and brand.Yongjia county, especially in the last three years of "small micro enterprise growth plan", increase the intensity of small micro enterprise share reform cultivation, the seven small micro enterprises to declare provincial famous trademark, city well-known trademarks, county name brand trademark, "guard the heavy reputation of contract" unit, credit management model enterprise policy tilt, guide the small micro enterprises implement the "brand strategy" "electrical contractor in city" "quality strong enterprises" development strategy, improve small micro enterprise market competitiveness.
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